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Wynyard, TAS, 7325

The Wonders of Wynyard is home to the world-class Ransley Veteran Car Collection with over 14 vehicles including the equal oldest Ford in the world – the 1903 Model A. The collection has been lovingly restored and is an outstanding showcase of Australian motoring history.

Ford Model K.jpg

1907 Ford Model K – “One of the Most Important & Rare Ford Automobiles In Existence”*

The Ford Model K, introduced in 1905, was a big, luxurious and elegant car by the standards of the day. It featured a polished brass radiator and headlights as well as the windscreen frame and other accoutrements. It had a large 6 cylinder engine producing 40 horsepower.

It was an expensive car to build – costing between $2500 - $3000.  Contrary to the widely held belief that the Model K was Ford Motor Company's “first failure”, the Model K sold well and was profitable, producing over eighty five percent of Ford Motor Company's new car profit in the first year it was offered (1906 Ford Motor Company internal audit records). However the car was a departure from the Henry Fords’ vision to create simple, strong, light, reliable, affordable cars – and was discontinued in 1908 after only around 900 examples being made. 

It was well documented that Henry Ford had little time for the Model K – as it was a departure from his vision to create reliable, efficient motor vehicle that was affordable for the masses. He was once quoted as saying  “'I've got no use for a motor car that has more spark plugs than a cow has teats'.

Still the Model K holds an important place in Ford history: it is the last Ford to feature a 6-cylinder engine until 1941, and it’s ‘failure’ in the market formed the catalyst for Ford to become a mass producer of cheap cars.

 A dispute over production of the Model K led to Alexander Malcomson, one of the founding partners of the Ford Motor Company and a champion of producing luxury cars, leaving the company. This gave Henry Ford the opportunity to become the major shareholder and president of the company in 1906, free to follow his vision to produce Simple, Strong, Light, Reliable and Affordable cars.

With only 900 Model K’s being made and around only 20 still in existence - this is the rarest and most valuable car in Francis Ransley’s collection.

·         A quote from RM Sotheby’s (formerly RM Auctions) - the world's largest auction house for investment-quality automobiles